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How did FES begin?

...To express interest in the STEM field!

The Florida Engineering Society - Valencia College Chapter became an officially chartered club in the Fall of 2012. It's final approval from the Student Government Association was obtained through hard work and dedication from many students who expressed deep interest in the field of engineering.

FES provides many great ways to network for jobs, look for internship opportunities, gain leadership experience, give back by working in your community, and much more.

Our meetings provide members the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, engage in engineering projects and other activities, and network with professionals as well as colleagues who are pursuing a degree in engineering.

Why you should become a member of FES

...not just for your resume!

Our FES chapter here at Valencia College is an invaluable resource for current and future engineering students who want to get face to face with professional engineers around the greater Orlando area, and even statewide!

Being an active member of FES rewards you not only with presentations from engineers, activities, and food, but also with knowledge of all the different engineering professions available and what goes into each.

Each time you attend a meeting, or volunteer for an event you gain points. Once you earn points you are able to go on engineering tours, request an FES t-shirt, and you can even get a cord for graduation!

Other Membership Benefits

We may be the Florida Engineering Society, however, we are active with other Engineering clubs and societies around the state, country, and world.

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
SWE, The Society of Women Engineers
NSBE, National Society of Black Engineers
NSPE, National Society of Professional Engineers

These groups offer a glimpse into the future of your engineering career. They all offer benefits outside of simply belonging. Information about current and future technologies, industry trends, interviews, even discounts on life insurance. FES, along with these other groups, are a great path to get your career on track. Many current and former students have obtained internships and jobs through FES and the other clubs.

These groups are all about making sure you have the best resources and tools available to make you a better engineer, for obtaining licensure (FE and PE), where to go to obtain a Masters or PhD in your respective fields, to name a few. The best part, many of these groups have free memberships for students. You get out what you put in.